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In May 2023, Sylvia Bashevkin received an honorary doctorate from Memorial University of Newfoundland in recognition of "her trailblazing and uncommonly impactful career as a political scientist and educator"

In April 2023, her 2022 conference paper on abortion politics in Canada was shortlisted for the Jill Vickers Prize, awarded by the Canadian Political Science Association. 



In September 2021, she commented on the contemporary experiences of women politicians in light of the historical record

In spring 2021, she reflected on the one-year pandemic anniversary and International Women's Day for

In November 2020, she commented on the US presidential elections for the Toronto Star

In fall 2020, she reflected on women as foreign policy leaders for the Faculti portal

In spring 2020, she wrote a commentary for Policy Options exploring the consequences of COVID-19 for women

During the March 2020 pandemic, Sylvia Bashevkin wrote this commentary for the Toronto Star


In June 2019, Bashevkin spoke with Alexa Zulak of Arts and Science News at the University of Toronto about why she wrote Women as Foreign Policy Leaders

In April 2019, she spoke with Elizabeth Renzetti of the Globe and Mail about Doing Politics Differently

In June 2018, she appeared before Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women as an expert witness on barriers facing women in politics. 

In January 2019, she spoke on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin about Women as Foreign Policy Leaders

Sylvia Bashevkin’s research findings on political participation were cited in a Toronto Star editorial dated June 2018

She appeared as a panelist on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin in June 2018 to discuss challenges facing the Ontario Liberal Party

In May 2018, she spoke with Toronto Star reporter Kris Rushowy about candidates in the Ontario provincial election

Sylvia Bashevkin was the keynote speaker and panelist at a Summit for Young Women Leaders sponsored by Hon. Carolyn Bennett, MP in Toronto in March 2018

She spoke with Romi Levine of UofT News in January 2018 about #MeToo and the Women’s March

She reviewed Hillary Clinton’s book called What Happened for the Toronto Star in September 2017

Sylvia Bashevkin contributed an op-ed piece on women leaders in Canada to the Toronto Star in August 2017

She delivered a Walrus Talk titled “What Kind of Conversation is This? Talking About Women and Power” in Calgary in October 2016

In August 2018, she wrote an op-ed in the Toronto Star about Ontario's new government

She spoke about women as foreign policy leaders at the University of Ottawa in September 2018


Women as Foreign Policy Leaders

Sylvia Bashevkin - Women as Foreign Policy Leaders
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